Príkazy ktoré môžeš použiť v hre !

Automatic Doors

/ad -- automatic doors (enable / disable)

/ad xx -- automatic doors set timer (xx seconds)

/ad single -- automatic doors (enable / disable) door you looking at

/ad single xx -- automatic doors set timer (xx seconds) on door you looking at

/ad type -- automatic doors (enable / disable) type of door you looking at

/ad type xx -- automatic doors set timer (xx seconds) for type of door you looking at


/kit -- see the full list of kits

/kit starter -- give you starterkit

/kit autokit -- toggle autokit (enabled / disabled), when disable you will respawn naked)

Remove Tool

/remove -- Be sure to have correct amount of resources in inventory

Base Repair

/br -- toggle base repair on and off


/bgrade 0 -- Disable BGrade (Build in Twig)

/bgrade 1 -- Enable automatic Wood upgrades

/bgrade 2 -- Enable automatic Stone upgrades

/bgrade 3 -- Enable automatic Metal upgrades

/bgrade 4 -- Enable automatic Armoured upgrades


/tpa -- accept an incoming teleport request

/tpr -- send a teleport request to another player

/outpost -- teleport to outpost

/bandit -- teleport to bandit


/home -- teleport to your home

/homes -- list all your homes

/sethome -- set your home location

/removehome -- remove your home location

Corpse Location

/where -- Show how far away player"s last corpse is


/trade -- Send a trade request to player

/trade accept -- Accept the most recent trade request

Friendly Fire

/ff on -- Enable friendly fire

/ff off -- Disable friendly fire


/autoauthui -- Open GUI To set rules

Spawn MyCar

/mycar -- Spawn modular car

/mycar fetch -- Fetch your modular car

/mycar destroy -- Destroy your modular car

Spawn MyMini

/mymini -- Spawn minicopter to your position

/fmini -- Fetch minicopter to your position

/nomini -- Despawn / destroy your minicopter


/backpack -- Open your own backpack (default players has 3 rows of backpack)

Heli Vote

/helivote open 1|2|3|4 -- Open a vote to call helicopters, with optional amount of helicopters (max 4)

/helivote yes -- Vote yes

/helivote no -- Vote no

Info about this plugin -- On sucessful vote, Heli will head to requestor

Private Messages

/pm -- Send a private message to player

/r -- Reply to your most recent private message

/pmhistory player_name -- Show the previous 5 messages of PM with that player


/balance -- Check your CS Coins balance

/transfer player_name amount -- Send a CS coins to player


/pr -- Show Player Ranks

/srp prices -- Show prices for Scrap raid protection and Hit Costs

/gather -- Shows you detailed gather information

/drone -- Give you 1x Drone you can control

/shop -- Open GUI Shop to exchange resources for money & scrap


Sign Artist

/sil -- Uses the link to an image from the internet

Item Skin Randomizer

/reskin -- Reskin your currently selected item from hotbar to random skin


/up x -- Make whole building up to desired buildingrade x means 1 for wood, 2 for stone, 3 for metal, 4 for HQM


Without fuel, cooldown -- plus, you can set your car /mycar 2-4 (number of seats)


/kit vip -- Redeem VIP KIT

/kit -- see the full list of kits & your cooldowns


/backpack -- Open your own backpack (VIP players has 7 rows of backpack)


Personal Recycler

/recycler.craft -- Craft your own recycler


/skins -- Skin your item, just simply put item to lootbox on right side and choose your skin!